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Ternopil Meat Processing Plant

“Ternopil Meat Processing Plant” is a business unit of “Agroprodservice” company. Is started working again in 2016.


Special feature of “Ternopil Meat Processing Plant” is that each type of sausages, semi-finished products, fresh or canned meat is made from pork, beef or chicken of our own production. We control the quality of our products in private and state laboratories and in our distribution network, which is being actively developed.

At the moment, the part of production facilities are at the stage of testing and commissioning. Today “Ternopil Meat Processing Plant” has the following departments:

  • Canning department
  • Summer sausage department (partly on the reconstruction)
  • Cooked smoked sausage department
  • Boning department
  • Department of killing pigs and cattle

Contact information

Chief Financial Officer, Director General of Ternopil Meat Processing Plant

Dovzhuk Olexandr Borysovych, +380961351124

Production Director Nikolaychuk

Andriy Ivanovych, +380673682390

Commercial Director

Gandzyuk Tetiana Volodymyrivna, +380673600414

Head of the network of branded trade “Meat Studio”

Tkach Roman Igorovych, +380504425419

Deputy manager of the network of branded trade “Meat Studio”

Teslyuk Tetyana Vasylivna +380504162861

Purchasing and Purchasing Manager

Kostyk Dmytro Igorovych, +380673524496