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Social partnership

“Agroprodservice” company has fully changed the approach to its contribution into social development of the territories, where it rents land. Innovations are laid in effective social partnership, which ensures trust and mutual respect among owners of land shares, territorial community and agricultural business represented by the company and its business units.

At the beginning, “Agroprodservice” company used conventional ways of work, invested own money in the development of each territorial community, particularly, in schools, kindergartens, feldsher-midwife stations, cultural and sport institutions. village roads’ mending, street lightning etc. During all our economic history, we traditionally give presents with food before Easter and on Christmas for lonely, elderly people, presents for first-grade pupils on the 1st of September, sweets for preschool children and pupils on the Saint Nicholas Day. Special attention is paid to the cooperation with partners – owners of land shares. We provide services on cultivation of household plots on favourable terms. During the last years, more than 10 millions of current assets were directed to the social development of residential areas where the company rents land.

Besides all above mentioned, the company helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine, whose soldiers protect territorial integrity of our country in the East of Ukraine. It is the only agricultural enterprise whichprovides single targeted financial aid (5 thousand hryvnias) to its owners of land shares who served or serve in Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone, and also to their families.

“Agroprodservice” is a leader in the region according to its contribution in the development of social infrastructure of villages. We are doing everything possible to pay the best price in the region and in various, the most convenient methods of payment, to the owners of land shares for rented land.

The company is constantly improving its cooperation with communities it works in. Previously, it was mostly determined in agreements with village heads. However, during the last years, the system of wide social partnership is implemented. In our opinion, this way will be rewarded, as it ensures open social contributions and their transparency.

We have the following method of cooperation: communities, local deputies, make decisions about defining priorities of their social projects and send an application according to unified sample to our company, which supports them and gives financial assistance. Remaining funds are divided for: assistance to religious communities, regardless their confession, support of projects and programs of patriotic education, cultural and educational, medical, educative, youth and sport directions.

Taking into account the processes of communities’ consolidation, administrative-territorial reform, such system promotes active involvement of communities and local authorities in forming consolidated social budget of the territories, motivates them to ensure favourable investment climate, and develops production infrastructure and creates new job positions in the villages.

New principles of social partnership also ensure the same clear management of social and labour relations directly in workers’ teams and business units. Such approach guarantees proper and safe working conditions, professional improvement of each employee, use of incentive payments. It also influences positively on the effectiveness of production in general.