“Agroprodservice – West” LLC is a modern and the largest enterprise in Ternopil region which works on poultry fattening and slaughtering. Founded in 2013. It conducts its business activity on the territory of Harbuziv village (Zboriv district, Ternopil region) and Vilshanytsia village (Zolochiv district, Lviv region).


There are three groups of buildings for poultry fattening, where 220 thousand broiler chickens are kept. In Vilshanytsia – 50 thousand broiler chickens and 10 thousand turkeys. Chicks are purchased both in Ukrainian and Polish producers , turkeys – only in the Polish one.

“Agroprodservice – West” LLC is breeding and selling 2 CROSS broiler chickens (РОСС 309 and КОБ 500) and 1 CROSS broiler turkey (БІГ – 6).


Poultry is fattened using our own produced fodder at the feed factory in Nastasiv village (Ternopil district).


“Agroprodservice – West” LLC is the first and the only enterprise which breeds turkeys and has the highest poultry production capacity.


Our poultry is given to our own killing room in Vilshanytsia village, capacity of which for todayis 5 thousand units per working shift. It is planned to increase the production intensity of killing room and reach 10 thousand units per working shift or 20 t of ready meat per working shift in the end of 2017.


Produced meat is processed and sold both as raw meat and finished products –food preservation and cereals with chicken meat produced at the “Ternopil Meat Processing Plant”. Finished and meat products can be purchased inthe “Meat Studio” company shops.

Produced poultry is also sold as live weight and weight after it is slaughtered to the population and private companies in all regions of Western Ukraine, and also in Kyiv, Cherkasy, Kharkiv and Odesa regions.

Besides poultry breeding, “Agroprodservice – West” LLC owns 1 700 hectares of bank land which is constantly expanding.