Department of Ecology

Andrii Bolinovskyi

Head of the Department of Ecology, Standardization and Quality Control of “Agroprodservice” company

Environment is a basis of human society and it determines all of its aspects including economic development, health care and food security.

“Agroprodservice” company realizes the importance of preservation of the environment, that’s why one of the main company principles is “do not harm”. The company takes care of the environment and supports ecological programs staying devoted to our mission.

Company policy is based on the principles of effective and useful management of ecological aspects, establishment and support of ecological management system which not only meets state and world standards, but also introduces new ideas and solutions in company’s activities.

Priority areas of company development:

  • Reach global level of production;
  • Minimize influence on the environment;
  • Use natural resources efficiently;
  • Increase the level of work safety, health protection of employees and residents;
  • Improve constantly the system of company ecological management.

Main principles of ecological policy:

  • Compliance with the requirements of environmental regulations, regulatory and other documents in the area of environment protection;
  • Systematic monitoring of ecological aspects and evaluation of their influence on the environment;
  • Development and implementation of actions on efficient use of natural and primary resources, emission reduction, reduction of pollutants discharge, minimization and recycling of waste;
  • Systematic training for employees of all levels on issues of ecological safety aimed at increasing the level of consciousness and understanding personal responsibility, prevention of negative influence on environment;
  • Cooperation with all stakeholders (organizations and community) in the area of environment protection, distribution of information about company’s ecological activities;
  • Engaging our customers, suppliers and contractors in the process of improving results of company’s environment protection activities;
  • Concern for employees’ health – increasing safety level at work, prevention of emergency situations, implementation of preventive measures.

Adopted ecological policy is a basis of ecological management system functioning. All decisions of managers are based on it. Top management of “Agroprodservice” company is responsible for its constant improving and getting better results from the system of ecological management.

Ecological sustainability

“Agroprodservice” company works within its own system of ecological management using the following procedures:

  • Environmental screening is performed during the initial assessment of new agricultural lands in order to determine potential danger, which may lead to environmental damage.
  • Environmental monitoringis performed in order to control specific business activities of the company that influence of the environment.
  • Environmental monitoring is a part of internal environmental audit of the company, which is conducted in order to define general influence of business activities on the environment.
  • Environmental reports – documented results of business activities, which influence on the environment.
  • Risk assessment – essential part of ecological management system taking into account ecological aspects, corrective measures that decrease harmful effects on the environment.
  • Examination by the management – planned review of business activities by the management in order to improve company’s ecological policy.