Catalogue of seeds from “Agroprodservice” company is made for directors and agronomists of agricultural companies, farm businesses and individual farms. We present high-yielding variety of winter crops and spring sown cereals, soy, pea cultivated on the fields of our enterprise by the leading Ukrainian and foreign companies.


Our company has been working in the field of crop raising since 1999. In 2004 we’ve received the status of elite enterprise. All seed varieties are processed to reach cultivated condition on specialized “Cimbria” factory with equipment from the Kingdom of Denmark.

During its work, the enterprise hasn’t received any complaints on seed quality.


Each decision is based on scientific calculations, own many years’ experience, and tireless work on home land.

All our work is directed to satisfying market needs for seeds, needs of our clients and consumers.

Reputation of “Agroprodservice” company as a reliable partner is a guarantee of European standards and high quality of seeds.

Seed your future together with “Agroprodservice” company!