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Production capacity


Production of wheat, barley, pea and soyseeds (tons/24 hours)


3 seedelevators (storage capacity in tons)


Productionof combined fodder (tons per hour)


Cropraising – landbank (hectares)


Number of pigs


Number of sows


Number of cows


Soy processing. Production capacity of press cake (tons per month)


Milk production (kg per day)


Units of poultry per year

Key investment parameters

  • – Effective vertically-integrated business model
  • – Diversification of risks regarding agricultural activities
  • – Emphasis on the two most profitable sectors: crop raising and pig breeding
  • – High-efficient foreign agricultural equipment
  • – Absolutely new feed factory, soy processing factory, seed production factory, elevators and storage facilities
  • – Farms with modern equipment according to the best world standards for pigs
  • – Land bank (40 thousand hectares) is being fully cultivated
  • – Balanced crop rotation and high crop yield
  • – Own production of seeds
  • – Longstanding partnership with international organizations that work in the field of implementing IT in crop raising
  • – Active increase of herd and implementation of modern technologies and genetics
  • – One of the top 5 largest companies on pig breeding in Ukraine
  • – Sustainable improvement of operational indicators
  • – Average annual growth rate of EBITDA during the last 5 years is 54,12%
  • – Moderate leverage of the Group (Debt/EBITDA is equal to 0,89x)
  • – Absence of exchange risk as all debts are denominated in Ukrainian hryvnia
  • – The group of companies became one of Top-3 agricultural companies in Western Ukraine in 16 years of its existence
  • – Sustainable annual growth managed by formed team
  • – The Group pays attention to the local communities and provides sponsorship and supports important social initiatives
  • – Energy efficiency and use of alternative energy sources
  • – Use of farm waste and by-products as fuel
  • – Recycling of waste from livestock farming according to environmental standards

History of company development

1999 . Year of foundation

“Agroprodservice” company was founded by Ivan Chaikivskyi.

2006 . Nucleus

Received the status of nucleus

2009 . Stud farm, elevator

Received the status of stud farm on breeding Danish Landrace pigs.

The elevator started working with capacity of 74 thousand.

2011 . Rapid development

Land bank is expanded to 37 thousand hectares.

Feed factory with capacity of 15 t/h began its work

4408 Dannish sows are purchased

4 building spaces are built for pigs

Soy processing factory with capacity of 1 400 tons per month began its work

2013 . Capacity growth

Number of pigs is increased to 53 thousand units

Number of sows is increased to 8 thousand units

Elevator capacity is increased to 14 thousand tons

New logistic center began its work

The group of buildings for fattening 45 thousand pigs is built

2005 . Pig breeding

Beginning of pig breeding development

2008 . Reconstruction

10 pig-breeding farms are reconstructed

2010 . Reconstruction

4 more pig-breeding farms are reconstructed

2012 . Seed plant. New elevator. Poultry breeding

Seed plant with capacity of 350 tons/24 hours began its work

New elevator with capacity of 50 thousand tons began its work

Beginning of poultry breeding development

2014 . Sustainable increasing of capacity

Land bank is expanded to 40 thousand hectares

Number of pigs is increased to 105 thousand units

Numbers of sows is increased to 12 thousand units

The building for meat processing plant is purchased

Reproducer for 2 thousand sows is built

Poultry breeding capacity is increased up to 2 mln chickens per year