The 4th Western Ukrainian Championship for the best corn and sugar beet hybrids

It’s the 4th Western Ukrainian Championship for the best corn and sugar beet hybrids which had been lasting for more than 6 months and had finished on Friday, October 19. The final stage and summarizing took place at the demo fields of Agroprodservice company in Nastasiv village near Ternopil.

“Tradidionally, we organize every spring such a big event as the championship for the best corn and sugar beet hybrids”, says Liubov Dzhuryk, agriculturist-consultunt of the Agroprodservice company.  

There were 106 corn hybrids of 12 different companies on the same field: world brands – Brevant Seeds, DEKALB Ukraine, Euralis Semens Ukraine, KWS UKRAINE, LG Seeds Ukraine, Mas Seeds, Pioneer, RAGT Semences, Saatbau Ukraine, Syngenta Ukraine, Top Seeds Ukraine, and the Ukrainian seeds’ producer – agro-industrial company Mais LLC (Cherkasy) which is represented by the Agro Arena distribution company.

There are 25 hybrids of 4 companies on the field with sugar beet.

12 companies which presented 106 corn hybrids and 4 companies which provided 25 hybrids of sugar beet participated in the championship this year. However, the beet wasn’t taken into account because of the weather.

“We didn’t manage to see results for the beet because most of the sowing was destroyed by heavy rains”, explained Andrii Baran, CEO of the Agroprodservice company.

On the other hand, the weather this year was good for the corn. That’s why the company has quite good results.

“It was a little dry spring in the beginning, but the corn had enough humidity in the soil. And then there were moisty summer and good autumn that led to good harvest”, said Andrii Baran.

The results for the best corn hybrid in three categories:
FAO 180-240: the winner is P8307 hybrid (FAO 240) by the Pioneer company: weight – 151.05 centner/ha, moisture – 18.9%, standard yield capacity – 142.22 centner/ha;

FAO 250-290: the winner is Р8567 hybrid (FAO 290) by the Pioneer company: weight – 155.04 centner/ha, moisture – 21%, standard yield capacity – 142.44 centner/ha;

FAO more than 300: the winner is Harmonium EU (FAO 380) by the Euralis company: weight – 172.48 centner/ha, moisture – 25%, standard yield capacity – 150.42 centner/ha.

By the way, the Championship is organized not only to define the best corn or sugar beet hybrids, but also to understand the results depending on different soil or weather.

More photos and detailed information about the Championship may be found HERE

Press Service of the Agroprodservice company

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