Agroprodservice imposed the innovative system of manure disposal from stock breeding complexes

Agroprodservice company imposed the innovative system of manure disposal from stock breeding complexes. It will not harm the environment and will not ruin the roads.

The unique system of organic manuring to the fields via tubes is now used in the Agroprodservice company.  The equipment was bought in the Danish company ‘Agrometr’. By the way, Agroprodservice is the third company which uses it in Ukraine.

It’s worth seeing! The system is quite unusual and not typical for Ukraine. And there is no wonder because, according to our information, Agroprodservice company is the third company among other Ukrainian ones which purchased such expensive and extremely effective system for liquid organic manuring. It consists of Bayer autonomous pump with diesel engine and tube which is pumping manure directly from the lagoon. Before that, two heavy mixers and blenders were fragmenting manure to reach the liquid consistency in the lagoon of feeding complex of Agroprodservice private agroindustrial enterprise. At the moment, 5.2 km of tube was laid in the fields of Oryshkivtsi village. In general, the company has 8 km of the Norwegian rubber tubes.

Organic fertilizers are used for almost all cultures in Europe

It’s not a secret that lagoons at livestock farms cause a lot of troubles for directors of agricultural enterprises. Manure must be taken away all-the-year-around. The tractor with barrel was previously the only kind of transport which is also not very economically effective for transportation of organic fertilizers. To be honest, it’s hard to imagine how much fuel was needed for it.

However, on the other side, nothing can be done without organics. Every agriculturist knows that organic fertilizers are valuable and sustainable resource which is much more effective than expensive foreign mineral fertilizers.

The problem was laid in rational transportation of organics to the fields in correct time and amount. This system solves the problem successfully. Let’s say that 30 thousand cubes of organic fertilizers has being recently pumped for two weeks from lagoons and put in the soil of the fields in Nastasiv. Previously, such amount of manure in barrels was being taken away for the whole year.

There was no place to put manure from lagoon. But now, thanks to using European experience and innovative technologies (such organics is used almost for all cultures: from wheat to potato) at the feeding complex, people know how to use a lot of organic fertilizers from lagoon for future harvest.

How the tube method “works”

Ivan Shandruk, the Machine and tractor fleet engineer at the engineer, told that one day is enough to install 5-8 km of tube. At the same time, the territory, where it is laid, is not destroyed, damaged and there is no bad smell. The tube was connected to the big 125 cubic meters container in the field of the Agro-Lanivtsi company. By the way, this huge “vessel” was build by the workshop team led by Yevhen Kliots during winter and spring. So, the container is filled with required amount of liquid using tube and it automatically turns the pump in lagoon on. After that, Holmer self-propelled unit (there also not so many of them in Ukraine) is filled with 21 tons of manure in a short time and then it is spread equally on the fields, At the same time, the unit breaks the stubble with pulverizer harrow and puts organics into the soil. Holmer is one of the most effective units for organic manuring. It moves with hanging down pulverizer harrow with a speed of 18 km per hour, applying 60 tons of organic fertilizers for 1 hectare of land. It can manure soil with 1.5 tons of organics in 24 hours.

Specialists do not need a lot of time to install tube’s 200-metres sections and then s is coiled. Coiled tube is so leakproof, that there is no smell of manure neither in the field, nor near container, tube or even Holmer.

Keep up with the leading countries

Recently, such method of manuring was widespread in the leading countries of the world. There is no better solution yet. Even it may be called as revolutionary. Organics is apllied in the soil on the depth of 20 cm, – noticed Andrii Bolinovskyi, the Head of Ecology, Standartization and Quality Control Department. It doesn’t let nitrogen evaporate, because it is macronutrient element which influences on plants’ yield capacity. The fertilizers are applied to soil in required amount based on technical characteristics.

Ivan Shandruk summarizes that there is efficient use of fuel, mineral fertilizers, there is no harmful emissions into the atmosphere, roads are not destroyed. The main is that quite soon we’ll have the same system as in Europe – nobody will not apply organics on the fields and frozen soil from November to March. That is how advanced countries work and we will keep up.


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