Ternopil Meat Processing Plant opened 25th Meat Studio company store

New Meat Studio store at Kyivska St. in Ternopil (“Kyivska Street” bus stop), that is 25th company store of Ternopil Meat Processing Plant, invites visitors to taste high-quality meat products.  

There is a big range of meat and sausage products, fresh meat, semi-finished products, canned meals, freshly baked goods etc. that is waiting for the buyers.  One can make sure in products’ quality directly in the store during the taste test.


The adresses of stores and salespoints of Ternopil Meat Processing Plant:


  • Ternopil, 28 (4) Tekstylna St.;
  • Ternopil, Tarnavska St. – trade and office space at Rynok square;
  • Ternopil, 26 b M. Sheptytskoho St.;
  • Ternopil, 14 Lesia Ukrainka St.;
  • Ostriv village, 1 Promyslova St.;
  • Chortkiv, 15 (apt.21) Stepana Bandery St.;
  • Ternopil, 36 Budnoho st.;
  • Kozovs, 1A Koliiova St.


  • Husiatyn, 56 Ternopilska St.;
  • Ternopil, near bus stop on Kyivska St.;
  • Ternopil, 4b Peremohy St.;
  • Ternopil, Pryvoksalna square;
  • Ternopil, 13 Zhyvova St., wholesale market;
  • Chortkiv, 19 Shevchenko St.;
  • Ternopil, 5 Pushkin St.;
  • Ternopil, 66 Chernivetska St.;
  • Pidvolochysk, 58a Danyla Halytskoho St.;
  • Volochysk, 5a Nezalezhnosti St.;
  • Berezhany, 5 Ploshcha rynok St.;
  • Terebovlia, 122 Kniazia Vasylka St.;
  • Ternopil, Hromnytskoho St. (near house #2);
  • Ternopil, 9 Zhyvova St.;
  • Ternopil, 1 Stusa St.;
  • Ternopil, 1A Hetmana Mazepy St.
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