Soybean threshed at Agroprodservice company

Soybean is threshed at the fields of Agroprodservice. Total area of company’s soybean crops is more than 6 thousand hectares in 2018.

This year soy yield capacity is essentially different from the previous year with positive trends.

“The goal of last year was to have soy yield capacity equal to 4-5 tons per hectare. At the moment we notice positive trends,” commented Andrii Baran, CEO of Agroprodservice company.

More detailed information about soy cultivation in the company may be found HERE.


In September 2016 Agroprodservice launched new plant for processing soybean which processes up to 5 tons of soy per hour. Own produced and purchased raw materials are used for processing. As plant engineer Yevhen Tanasevych said, they receive 80% of press cake and 15% of oil from every ton of soy. That’s why gathered soy is used for processing at Agroprodservice soy plant.

Press Service of Agroprodservice company

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