Greetings from Agroprodservice company with the Independence Day of Ukraine

Dear grain farmers, home people, Ukrainians! We congratulate you with all our hearts on the behalf of all team of Agroprodservice company with an important holiday for our society – the Independence Day of Ukraine!

This day is a result of fight for thousands of years of the Ukrainians for the right to have our own state. The holiday is the most important day for our country. This date is engraved forever in history of the young state as a golden page in its biography. It laid foundation of new period of our nation, enshrined its democratic expectations for national renascence, spiritual freedom, economic growth and cultural uprise in law.

With all our heart we wish you and your families good health, happiness, welfare, peace, generous fortune, further victories in all your deeds for the prosperity of independent Ukraine, wealth to its people.

Let your hearts be full of pride for our country, desire for unity and understanding, and let your work be reliable basis of happy future.

Best regards, 

Andrii Baran – CEO of Agroprodservice company,

Ivan Karachka – director of Agroprodservice private agroindustrial enterprise.

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