The Bread and Harvest Holiday took place in Nastasiv community

Agroprodservice company joined the team of organizers of the Bread and Harvest Holiday. The event took place yesterday, on August 19, in Nastasiv community. It gathered residents from three villages – Yosypivka, Marianivka and Nastasiv – in order to let them celebrate consolidation of their villages in one community together with their families.

The holiday is also the end of harvest time. That’s how Nastasiv residents and their guests expressed gratitude for good harvest.

“Today we celebrate one of the greatest holidays for cereal growers – Bread Holiday. This holiday is held thanks to the hard work of our farmers. This year it means more for us, because harvest of previous year was very difficult to gather. A lot of work and energy was spent to gather this-year harvest,” told to all people Andrii Baran, CEO of Agroprodservice company.

The holiday was held with a support of Agroprodservice company, which traditionally helps such civic initiatives expressing gratitude to employees for their work and landowners for their trust.

“Today we organize a great holiday for people who work hard for the sake of our state, family and Agroprodservice company. I would like to thank you all for the work which you do every day and that you became good example for others,” said Ivan Chaikivskyi, the Head of Ternopil regional organization of the Agrarian Party.

During the event, the best workers during harvesting of 2018 were rewarded with certificates and money rewards. The guests were treated with Kulish, bread with poppy and apples.

The visitors also listened to the concert of famous Ukrainian singer Tonia Matvienko, Ukrainian national artist Pavlo Dvorskyi with his sons and many other singers and bands.

Press Service of Agroprodservice company

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