Andrii Baran is now in charge of Agroprodservice company operating management

Baran Andrii became CEO of Agroprodservice company.

Ivan Chaikivskyi announced it during the meeting with colleagues, branch managers and partner-companies.

“After I made decision to concentrate more on civic activity and pay less time to business, the issue about efficient CEO position came up. I consider that the team, which I’ve been forming for 19 years, is capable to overcome challenges raised in front of Ukrainian businesses, agrarian ones in particular. The best manager of the closed production cycle, which we created together, will be the present director, my old partner and sincere friend – Andrii,” commented Ivan Chaikivskyi.

Ivan Chaikivskyi also mentioned about his role in business:

“I’m still the member of our team and our big Agroprodservice family. However, I see that the regional farmers need to consolidate forces and require knowledge which I gained through my experience due to mistakes and time. I regard that it’ll be fare if I can use my knowledge not only at my company, but also for other companies which enforce regional economy every day”.

According to I. Chaikivskyi, going away from operating management doesn’t mean leaving business. It’s more similar to everyday work in order to spend more time for social and civic projects.

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