Agroprodservice company has 2,5 larger milk yield at Teofipilka farm

Amount of milk produced at the farm of Agroprodservice company in Teofipilka village (Kozova district) increased became 2,5 larger.

Vitalii Lui, Deputy Director on cattle breeding told about that.

“If during the first half of previous year we produced almost 1 000 tons of top-class milk, then during the second half of previous year the number is more than 2.5 thousand tons,” said Mr. Lui.

He also said that such tendency is preserved this year.

“The demand for top-class milk is very high. It’s primary product for our partners who produce export-oriented milk products,” summarizes Vitalii Lui.

In general, 4 dairy farms and one meat farm are in the structure of Agroprodservice company.

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