Experts on crop raising from the USA explored fields of Agroprodservice

Experts on crop raising who present such international companies as MCAgronomics, IFC, and Agronomy One together with Bayer LLC and specialists of Agroprodservice company explored company’s fields of winter wheat within the program of experience exchange.

American colleagues came for the third time in a year – in spring last year, in spring and summer this year. The research on winter wheat cultivation technologies is conducted. Colleagues say that such cooperation is an experience exchange. Next year specific recommendations on cultivation of this wheat will be given.

“We defined the state of winter wheat seeds together with our foreign colleagues, calculated biological yield, density for one hectare, discussed problems and opportunities. The big emphasis was put on soil preparation for future harvest, work with soil fertilizers where special attention is paid to organic and potassic fertilizers,” commented Ihor Lishchynskyi, agriculturist of Agroprodservice company.


American colleagues conduct such research also at 10 other enterprises from all over Ukraine. After fields’ exploration, analytics will be developed based on the research and workshop results with training for agricultural enterprises according to regional specifics.

Agriculturists noticed that winter wheat fields in Agroprodservice conform to all standards and are in very good state.

Press Service of Agroprodservice company

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