Forum of Agrarian Innovations “Nove Zerniatko 2018” gathered more than 2 500 participants

The third International Forum of Agrarian Innovations “Nove Zerniantko” had finished in Nastasiv village. The event gathered more than 2 500 visitors and 94 companies, which presented their products and services.

“Nove Zerniatko” is a forum for people who want to apply new tendencies and technologies in agriculture, exchange experience with colleagues and show the way of increasing productivity and yield capacity.

Companies, which make products in agrculture (machines, fertilizers, plant protection agents, seeds etc.), presented their own products and services, exchanged experience and plans for the future during 2 days of the event.

Apart from that, Agroprodservice organized a range of scientific conferences about innovative platforms for agribusiness and successful technologies of crops’ cultivation from the leading specialists of BASF LLC and Agroscop International LLC.

There were also traditional sightseeing tours for ones interested in crop raising.  All people could visit demonstration and trade plots of Agroprodservice company, where specialists told about different plants, their yield capacity.

Each visitor during the event could win interesting and good presents from Agroprodservice company and other exhibitors and partners of the Forum, enjoy entertainment program, taste treats from organizers.

Press Service of Agroprodservice company

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