The third International Forum of Agrarian Innovations “Nove Zerniantko” officially started in Nastasiv

The third International Forum of Agrarian Innovations “Nove Zerniantko” organized by Agroprodservice company for the third year in a row officially began in Nastasiv village. 94 companies from all over Ukraine will participate in the event this year. The forum will be held on June 26-27.

Participants and visitors will be able to discuss the future of agriculture, exchange experience and find partners for common business, look at demonstration and trade plots of Agroprodservice company in order to see new and the best hybrids with varieties of different crops, and also to communicate with producers and distributors of plant protection agents, fertilizers and seeds.

During the official forum opening, organizers said that “Nove Zerniatko” is a dream which came true.

“We are full of emotions today because we understand that this day is an idea which we cherished for some previous years when we organized just the Field Days dreaming about making bigger event. The event had to be more accessible and more useful,” said Andrii Baran, Director of Agroprodservice company.

Traditionally, not only guests from our region visited the Forum of Agrarian Innovations “Nove Zerniantko” 2018 in Nastasiv, but also a lot of people from all over Ukraine and from abroad because its unique platform which lets agrarians develop their businesses.

“All of this is done to let small farmers from Ukraine visit Ternopil region and adopt knowledge, experience and apply it. Not everybody today can fly to Australia, the USA. However, it’s much easier to see it here. That’s why such seminars and innovative forums as “Nove Zerniatko” give a boost to the national economy,” noticed Ivan Chaikivskyi, CEO of Agroprodservice company.

The forum of Agrarian Innovations has developed in three years not only in organizational aspect, but also in number of partners, participants and scale.

“I remember the Field Days “Nove Zerniatko” three years ago when it consisted of small demonstrations and exhibition fields which Ivan Chaikivskyi laid together with his team at that time. Just look at it today – international event. What does it mean? We can work, we know how to work, we can produce. But we also need effective state policy. The agrarians take responsibility not only for production, but also for the lifes of people locally, and the next year on the national level,” explained Vitalii Skotsyk, the Head of the Agrarian party of Ukraine.

According to Viktor Sheremeta, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, such forums help agrarians exchange experience, see new technologies and engage partners.

“What we see here today is what farmers can apply on their fields and get better results,” said the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Viktor Sheremeta.

The main partner of the event for the third year in a row is a distributive company Agroscop International LLC which had been working with Agroprodservice company for 19 years already.

“Such powerful event as “Nove Zerniatko” is a result of new era of cooperation between international producers and suppliers of agrarian technologies. It’s an achievement of expertise, achievement of our partner – Agroprodservice, and we are glad to participate in it and help them sharing our experience, knowledge from all over the world,” noticed Iryna Ivanova the Head of Supervisory Board of the Agroscop International LLC.

The second day of the Forum of Agrarian Innovations “Nove Zerniatko” will begin tomorrow, on June 27, at 9 a.m. Good coffee, treats and tasting of food from organizers – Agroprodservice company.

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