Agroprodservice company celebrated 19 years

Today, on June 11, staff of Agroprodservice company celebrated 19 years since foundation. Traditionally, during the last 5 years the company’s Birthday has been celebrating in the Carpathians conquering the next mountain peak. This year it was Petros – a peak of the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains, with height of 2 000 meters above sea level. 

Today more than 100 employees of Agroprodservice company were praying for prosperity of all team and peace in Ukraine on Petros mountain. The ascent of the Carpathian mountains due to company anniversary became good tradition since 2014, when all staff conquered Hoverla – the highest mountain in Ukraine. The next were Nesamovyte lake and two more mountain peaks – Khomiak and Syniak.

For company, such ascents symbolize desire for development and need for victory in reaching the goals.

Press Service of Agroprodservice company

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