Agroprodservice produces 15 tons of extra-class milk every day

Economic history of Agroprodservice private agroindustrial enterprise began just some years ago. The company was included in 10 top milk producers in the region in such short period of time. It is a leader in milk yield growth rate for one cow.

Not gross figures, but milk quality stands first. Recent audit by specialized laboratory of Ternopil dairy plant confirmed that milk of Agroprodservice company is extra-class milk. This indicator was also confirmed by three specialized laboratories which checked the quality of Agroprodservice products.

The main is to stay on this position.

Modern approaches in work of Agroprodservice private agroindustrial enterprise are visible not only in energy of managers or innovations applied on each step. In order to change stereotypes to dairy stock farming in general, massive dairy complex in Teofipilka of Kozova district was established according to the European standards. The herd of highly-productive dairy cows was formed according to it.

From now on, 15 tons of extra-class milk is sold every day. Speaking about it, it doesn’t require repeated cleaning on the plant. That’s how common idea of corporate cooperation of Ternopil dairy plant and Agroprodservice private agroindustrial enterprise was implemented.

Ivan Chaikivskyi, CEO of Agroprodservice company, notices that the most important is not to produce extra-class milk, but to stay on the leading position. These words may be confirmed by tight control of all milk production cycle. To set the bar high of own products is a constant slogan of the company and other production segments – meat, elite seeds of crops, grain legumes, oil crops.

The philosophy of success and cooperation of Agroprodservice and Molokiia didn’t begin from nothing. “The time changed and approaches changed,” emphasizes Vitalii Lui, Deputy Director on Livestock Farming. “We want to be competitive not only on the national market, but also on the European one.

Everything is connected in producing dairy products: stock-breeder, dairy plant, consumer. All of them are tied by the market.

You won’t feel the smell of manure, but just light silage “breeze” on the territory of dairy complex in Teofipilka where 630 dairy cows are located. Technologies that prevent animals’ overheating and ensure good rooms’ ventilation are applied. The image of Soviet rural farms are left only in the memories of labor veterans.

The yard housing is used only in Agroprodservice in order to let them eat and lay conveniently. It provides not only good place for animals, but also high standard of sanitary and hygienic indicators of milk safety. Staff is keeping an eye on preventing any bacterial contamination of milking equipment and machines. Of course, sanitary and hygienic requirements to workers at farm are not forgotten.

“The task is to get high quality and safe milk both at farm and all its way to dairy plant,” says Mykhailo Kuzmenko, the Head of Stock Breeding Complex. It means that the number of bacteria in fresh milk in Teofipilka must not exceed 20-25 thousand CFU. The obligatory requirement is milk cooling to the temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. The milk is untouched by people in all production chain in Teofipilka.

Success depends on the team

The team of professionals on dairy stock farming is formed in Agroprodservice private agroindustrial enterprise. First of all, it’s previously mentioned Mykhailo Kuzmenko and veterinarians Volodymyr Petryk and Petro Stefantsov. But still, there is a lack of other personnel.  While the European conditions are created at stock breeding complex with meals and high salaries (even compared to Polish ones), some people move abroad in search of work. However, the situation began changing recently. Good specialists are really important. That’s why Agroprodservice makes everything possible to make their life comfortable here.

Break-even point is back

Dairy stock farming is expensive. So not every farm is willing to do that. “Sly” agricultural holdings prefer crop raising. It’s easier and brings less troubles. Communities quite often refuse animal farms. However, farms are workplaces and income to local budgets. Despite the problems, Agroprodservice continues investing in cattle breeding which is not always profitable. The break-even point is back hoping for good opportunities not only in milk, but also beef production.


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