Ternopil Meat Processing Plant opened new store in Kozova

Last week the Meat Studio company store was opened by Ternopil Meat Processing Plant in Kozova at 1A  Koliiova St.


This new store is a 23rd object of company trade which gave job for 8 residents of Kozova.

“Today we created eight workplaces in Kozova after opening new Meat Studio company store. It is eight families that have breadwinners. Now they won’t look for better job abroad. This is our economy which strengthens the state. It is our food security in modern difficult political conditions,” said Ivan Chaikivskyi, CEO of Agroprodservice company during opening.

All items of range of products produced at Ternopil Meat Processing Plant can be bought in the store – canned meat, sausages, convenience food, fresh meat and related products.


Addresses of company stores from Ternopil Meat Processing Plant:

Meat Studio company stores:

  • Ternopil, 28 (4) Tekstylna St.; 
  • Ternopil, Tarnavska St. – trade and office space at Rynok square;
  • Ternopil, 26 b M. Sheptytskoho St.;
  • Ternopil, 14 Lesia Ukrainka St.;
  • Ostriv village, 1 Promyslova St.;
  • Chortkiv, 15 (apt.21) Stepana Bandery St.;
  • Ternopil, 36 Budnoho st.;
  • Kozovs, 1A Koliiova St.

Sales outlets:

  • Husiatyn, 56 Ternopilska St.;
  • Ternopil, near bus stop on Kyivska St.;
  • Ternopil, 4b Peremohy St.;
  • Ternopil, Pryvoksalna square;
  • Ternopil, 13 Zhyvova St., wholesale market;
  • Chortkiv, 19 Shevchenko St.;
  • Ternopil, 5 Pushkin St.;
  • Ternopil, 66 Chernivetska St.;
  • Pidvolochysk, 58a Danyla Halytskoho St.;
  • Volochysk, 5a Nezalezhnosti St.;
  • Berezhany, 5 Ploshcha rynok St.;
  • Terebovlia, 122 Kniazia Vasylka St.;
  • Ternopil, Hromnytskoho St. (near house #2);
  • Ternopil, 9 Zhyvova St.;
  • Ternopil, 1 Stusa St.;
  • Ternopil, 1A Hetmana Mazepy St.
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