Agroprodservice congratulates with Vyshyvanka Day!

All workers of Agroprodservice company congratulate Ukrainians with a great holiday of authentic, unique, and colorful Ukrainian culture – the Vyshyvanka Day.

Vyshyvanka (embroidered shirt in Ukrainian national costume) is not just outfit of Ukrainians. It is a symbolic thing for each of us, because it’s holiday clothes! You may see the traces of history of our country and history of your ancestries in the pattern.

As a rule, we put on vyshyvankas on holidays! It’s a special day today, because all Ukrainians are united in each region, each city and town! Wisdom and strength of millennial tradition inspires us for work and fight.

Let this holiday efface the boundaries and unite Ukrainians all over the world. Have a great mood and good impressions!

Best regards,
Team of Agroprodservice company

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