Agroprodservice received NON GMO international quality certificate for new standard of soy

After all process work had finished, Agroprodservice company received NON GMO international quality certificate for new standard of soy. The production of all soybean products passed the whole cycle of quality control.

European countries will stop production of GMO raw materials, including soybean, since January 1, 2019. It is connected with not full awareness in the ways of GMO influencing humans.

“It is a document for our partners in Poland, Cargill company in particular, which shows that«Agroprodservice company not only cultivates non-GMO soybean, but also set all processes according to the world standards and international practices. Our next step is engaging Ukrainian farmers who are interested in cultivation of non-GMO soybean for future export to the European countries,” emphasized Ivan Chaikivskyi.

Today Agroprodservice company processes annually more than 40 thousand tons of soybean, cultivated on its own fields and purchased in Ternopil region farmers, on its own soybean processing plant. The company’s short-term plan is to produce 4 thousand tons of unrefined oil and more than 30 thousand tons of high-calorie press cake.

“It’s better to deliver soybean cake to Europe from Ukraine, than, for instance, from Argentina or Brazil. But still, quality certificate is required. That’s why Agroprodservice company set all its processes according to the required standards and international practices with auditors confirmation and analysis check points. We made a first step to it in the previous year when we became members of the Donau Soja Association,” says the Director of Agroprodservice private agroindustrial enterprise Andrii Baran.

In agrarians’ opinion, economic dimension is not less important in this case. Farmers are ready to cultivate non-GMO soybean only when it is cost-efficient.

“We are glad that we can choose partners. Agroprodservice is interesting for us because it has full processing cycle. Our company supplies not enough products to Poland today, so we must engage such people like you,” noted the representative of Polish company “Cargill” Wojciech Korzeniowski.

Polish partner also noticed that they are ready to give loans to the farmers for buying seeds, plant-protecting agents – everything to be sure that they work with non-GMO products.

Press Service of Agroprodservice company

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