Agroprodservice company sent Easter baskets for soldiers to the East

More than 300 cans with meat, solyanka (a thick soup of vegetables and meat), stewed pork and apples from Agroprodservice company were sent to the war zone in the East of Ukraine for soldiers from Ternopil region on Easter.

2.5 tons of cargo was sent to the East for soldiers of Ternopil battalion and Ukrainian Volunteer Defense Corps “Right Sector” on Easter.

“We are excited to carry these products for our guys, as each of them would like to spend Easter with their families, children and beloved people. Instead of this, they have to hold defense line of our state in cold and damp trenches. And it is the best that we can do for them,” says the Head of Occupational, Fire and Civil Safety Department of Agroprodservice company Yevhen Lukavyi, who personally decided to carry the cargo.

The chaplain of the Right Sector and parson of the Parish of Dormition of the Mother of God Mykhailo Zabandzhala was responsible for delivering products and baskets.

Agroprodservice company wishes our defenders power, belief and bright Easter.

Press Service of Agroprodservice company

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