Partners of the Octagonal investment firm have visited «Agroprodservice» company

Co-founder and Partner of the Octagonal investment firm Andrew Bottimore and Managing Partner Ivan Ogilchyn had a meeting with the CEO of Agroprodservice company Ivan Chaikivskyi in order to build partner relations. The opportunity of capital raising to the development of regional agricultural sector was discussed.

Octagonal is an international investment management and advisory firm that builds effective bridges between stakeholders, providing tailored solutions.

We are a team of foreign policy experts and finance professionals, aiming to help partners navigate market risks and opportunities, with a focus on holistic development. We provide investment management, capital raising, investor relations, public affairs guidance, and other solutions. We are interested in cooperation with the Ukrainian business which is rapidly developing,” noticed Managing Partner of the company Ivan Ogilchyn.

The goal of Octagonal firm is to play a role in comprehensive economic growth by connecting and empowering investors, business leaders, governments, and local communities.

“It’s pleasant for me to recognize that Ukrainian and, in particular, agricultural business is becoming an important partner for foreign investors. We understand that we’re moving in the right direction,” said CEO of «Agroprodservice» company Ivan Chaikivskyi during the meeting.

Press Service of «Agroprodservice» company

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