“Agroprodservice” purchased 6 items of John Deere equipment

Ceremonial 6 keys’ passing of agricultural machinery from John Deere company took place today. “Agroprodservice” purchased this equipment from the Ukrainian dealer of “Agrosem” company.

«Agroprodservice» company added six new John Deere items to its machinery park – 8500

Self-Propelled Forage Harvester, R4045 Self-Propelled Sprayer with 36 m boom length, 8335R Tractor and three 6135B Tractors.

Despite receiving the new machinery’s keys, CEO of John Deere Ukraine Peter Sachse and Director of Agrosem, LLC Oleksii Kulyk passed keys and access certificates to the software for “Agroprodservice” managers, which provides all information about tractor or harvester thanks to the new computer technologies: its location, operating efficiency, service requirement etc.

“We’ve began working with John Deere exactly in Ternopil region and our effective cooperation with “Agroprodservice” lasts for 2 years already,” noticed Director of Agrosem, LLC Oleksii Kulyk. He also added that to his mind, John Deere tractors are not just color or metal, the’re, first and foremost, new technologies.

Oleksii also congratulated John Deere with its 100th anniversary that was celebrated this year and wished his partners increase added value of products and expand business thanks to their machinery.

Our company offers new technology solutions for its partners and clients. John Deere increases dealership in Ukrainian market rapidly. We are looking with optimism in the future and offer our partners good perspective,” says CEO of John Deere Ukraine Peter Sachse.

The company had received 36 machinery items from John Deere company during the whole period of cooperation.

“We’ve been working with “Agrosem” for more than 2 years and we feel mutual trust. We value immediate service. The company has 4 dairy farms and 1 farm for feeding beef breed bulls. Forage harvester was purchased exactly for needs of these farms, making high-quality and in-time forage stock,” noticed CEO of “Agroprodservice” company Ivan Chaikivskyi.

Press Service of «Agroprodservice» company

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