Congratulations with sixtieth anniversary to Stepan Skazko, Director of Teophipilka, LLC!

Dear Stepan Skazko,

With the first breath of land awakening and cheerful expectations of farming spring, you celebrate your sixtieth anniversary. Just like your famous father-farmer, you’ve made a great working way and dedicated more than thirty years of hard-working life to Koziv lands. You became talented director of agrarian enterprise, leader and received respect in our large and friendly company family. We know you as a great manager and real host of the wheat fields, person with knowledge of foreign practices, smart man, respective husband, loving father and great grandfather. Your colleagues respect you for your life optimism, good temper, generous soul, helpfulness and willingness for sharing results of your professional knowledge with employees.

So, we wish you that your great personal qualities continue mutually complementing with responsible mind, honor, dignity, patriotism and efficient labour for the sake of our company and welfare of your family. Have a God’s blessing, family harmony, inspiration at work, peaceful sky and confidence in the future!

Let the fate give you good and happiness, solid health. We also wish that your days be long as brightly colored rushnyks!

Best wishes,

CEO of “Agroprodservice” company

Ivan Chaikivskyi,

Director of “Agroprodservice” private agroindustrial enterprise

Andrii Baran.

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