Kickboxers from Ternopil carried away the bell in Lutsk tournament

Two-day WAKO Annual Kickboxing Championship for juniors took place in Lutsk during March 3-4. According to the results of competition, sportsmen of Ternopil Regional Kickboxing Federation gained 7 gold and 5 silver medals.

Traditionally, the main and the only funders on kickboxers from Ternopil region became “Agroprodservice” company and Agrarian Party of Ternopil region.

This time, 6 Lutsk teams – “Voin” (“Warrior”), “Praid”, “DIUSSH-2”, “Adrenalin” (“Adrenaline”), “Lehion” (“Legion”), and “Rubizh” (“Edge”) – demonstrated their strength and legerity. Sportsmen from Ternopil, Volochysk, Liubeshiv. Novovolynsk and Netishyn also participated in the tournament.

“It was pleasant for us to see such positive development of our team, as sportsmen show better and better results each time. To my mind, much of the credit should go to the “Agroprodservice” company which invests great resources into the development of Kickboxing in Ternopil region,” noticed Oleksandr Dulnev, the coach of Ternopil kickboxing team.

Photos from open sources.

Press Service of «Agroprodservice» company

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