The second fire vehicle was purchased by «Agroprodservice» company

The second fire truck was purchased by «Agroprodservice» company.

It is AWD vehicle which can pull out 7 tons of water at the same time that is very important for rural areas. The vehicle is equipped with fire power pump which provides 500 l of water per min. The maximum height of water throw is 27 meters.

It can work with two hand fire nozzles and fixed delivery monitor installed in the truck.

The fire power pump fills the volume of tank in 10 minutes. The water withdrawal is made even at the depth of 8 meters.

The drivers were trained in special training station of the State Emergency Service Department in Ternopil region. Volunteer fire brigade of «Agroprodservice» company is ready to perform all necessary tasks.

Press Service of «Agroprodservice» company

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