The team of «Agroprodservice-Veteran» will compete for the Cup of Płońsk Mayor

The International Futsal Tournament for the Cup of Płońsk Mayor will take place on February 17-18 this year in Polish city – Płońsk.

The team of «Agroprodservice-Veteran» is also invited to participate in the Tournament. It took part in various similar competitions both in Ukraine and abroad.

«We have a good team-work. We have trained intensely before the Tournament. We have enough number of substitutes. That’s why we are ready for victory. At the same time we understand that sport is always different,» says the team leader Mykola Salyk.

The players of «Agroprodservice-Veteran» are M. Salyk, V. Kolomiiets, O. Horenchuk, I. Badlo, A. Hvianidze, M. Fedorkiv, V. Nazaruk, S. Bohorodichenko, B. Ivantsiv, P. Badlo, V. Hotaliuk, V. Veresiuk.

It’s the second time that the team participates in this Tournament. At first it took the 2nd place and last year team won the Cup.

Press Service of «Agroprodservice» company

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