Company CEO visited the anniversary of «Unleavened Bread with Patriarch»

Yeaterday on January 10 CEO of “Agroprodservice” company Ivan Chaikivskyi visited 10th annual “Unleavened Bread with Patriarch” that was initiated by Liubomyr Husar. This event gathered outstanding spiritual, cultural, civic and political leaders of Ukraine.

Traditionally at this event, the money were gathered for building the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ. People could listen Ukrainian carols by H. Veryovka National Choir.

“We should remember His Eminent Beatitude Liubomyr who presented us this “Unleavened bread”. He gave us this holiday as tradition of building the Cathedral,” said the Head of Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church and His Beatitude Sviatoslav during his speech.

There was also nuncio of the Vatican in Ukraine Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti among the guests of this holiday. He reminded Zarvanytsia in his conversation with CEO Ivan Chaikivskyi.

It’s a pleasure that His Excellency was lost in memories and marked the praying spirit given by Zarvanytsia during All-Ukrainian Pilgrimage,” mentioned Ivan Chaikivskyi, CEO of “Agroprodservice” company.

Businessmen and civil activists from Ternopil region also visited this event.

Press Service of “Agroprodservice” company

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