Employees of “Agroprodservice” company are healed in health resorts

Traditionally, employees of “Agroprodservice” company visit health resorts to receive health care. This winter such vacation is planned for more than 100 workers in the best health and spa resorts of the Western Ukraine. The first group of professionals and workers has already come to Truskavets, Morshyn, Khmilnyk and neighboring “Medobory” (Terebovlia district) these days.

Every year “Agroprodservice” company invests essentially in the improvement of labour conditions and healing of its workers.

Taking into consideration specific features of production, all recreation activities for employees are usually organized after the set of autumn field work. The exception is made for children of workers, who are usually healed during the summer.

“This summer we organize recreation and healing for children of our workers and kids of different social groups from residential areas where our company cultivates land. We also do not forget about our employees in winter,” says Fedir Shevchuk, Deputy CEO in social work of “Agroprodservice” company.

Press Service of “Agroprodservice” company

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